The Russo Bros set to return to direct Captain America 3

Captain America 2 Official Title Treatment

We’re just a few months away from Captain America: The Winter Soldier from dropping in theaters but we’re already getting news about the third installment in the Captain America franchise. Variety is reporting that directors Joe and Anthony Russo will be back to direct Captain America 3, even though the film hasn’t been officially greenlit by the studio. Contract negotiations would begin after The Winter Soldier is released.


Marvel has been so impressed with how the Russos handled the production of Winter Soldier in addition to the strong results of recent test screenings, that Marvel has moved quickly to get the brothers to direct the third film. Depending on how well The Winter Soldier does in theaters, Captain America 3 is still up in the air but Variety’s sources are saying that Marvel and the Russos are putting together an outline of what the story arc for the third film would look like.

Marvel Studios is notorious for reluctantly commiting to directors for subsequent installments, so this move is clearly a vote of confidence for both the Russos and the film as well.

What do you think of the re-hire?

Captain America: The Winter Soldier battle in theaters on April 4th.

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