Sacramento Kings’ new arena – Mixing sports with technology

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My fellow nerds, I know it’s probably weird seeing a sports story on a geek website. I am a big time Sacramento Kings fan, and although I cannot brag about my team’s win/loss record, I can be excited that the Kings organization is becoming the most progressive team in all of sports technologically. If you follow the NBA, you would know that the Kings and their fans have been in a whirlwind of relocation controversy. Our prior ownership family went broke and wanted to relocate, but the fans and mayor Kevin Johnson united, and the team “Here We Stay” stayed in the River City. Our new owner, Vivek Ranadive, is a rags to riches story who moved to the states from India. He’s the founder and owner of a major tech company called Tibco. When he bought the team, his major promise to the league was to merge technology and basketball. He vowed to make Sacramento Kings the most technologically advanced team in the league and called this NBA 3.0.

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Vivek has kept his promises so far. In recent weeks the Kings have been the first to announce that they will accept Bitcoin as an acceptable form of currency. The Kings have also already begun implementing Google Glass in its broadcasts. Players on the sidelines, dancers, and select staff will wear the ‘smart glasses’ so fans can get a first person experience of the NBA. One of the details that kept the Kings in Sacramento was that they had to build a new arena. Ranadive and Co. not only wanted to build a new facility, they wanted to build the most advanced facility in the heart of Downtown Sacramento. The theme for the arena is “Bigger than Basketball”. They want to build a facility that will give life to an otherwise lifeless downtown.

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This morning the Sacramento Kings have finally released the final renderings of the new arena. It looks like something out of a movie. It features a unique indoor/outdoor design, and for months now, Vivek has been saying that he wanted the arena to be entirely paperless. Before the reveal he had mentioned that this arena will be so amazing that it will be on postcards all across the state. If the finished product looks half as amazing as the renderings, he may be right.

Vivek said of the new facility: “When we bought the Sacramento Kings, we committed to the NBA and to the people of Sacramento that we wouldn’t just build a new arena, but that we’d build a world-class entertainment venue, an arena truly for the 21st century. Today is another major step forward in that effort”

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As a lifetime Kings fan, I am ecstatic to have a team that is truly embracing technology. They are expected to break ground on the new arena this summer and open up in October 2016. I haven’t even mentioned that on top of the “off the court” improvements, the team’s actual talent has been raised dramatically too. Check out the renders and let us know what you think about them in the comments below!

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