Rumor – Sony’s PlayStation Now service to support PS1, PS2 games


How much would you pay for monthly access to a library of games from PS3, PS2 and PS1? Sony’s Playstation Now service allows users to stream games to their televisions, and the rumor now is that PS1 and PS2 games may be included.

Unfortunately, that is just a rumor thus far, and Sony hasn’t even confirmed what type of pricing model they’re going with. We have yet to discover if the Playstation Now service is included in Playstation Plus, or if it’s priced separately. Will there be a discount to those who have Playstation Plus?



To plaster an unhealthy (but delicious) dose of frosting on this tasty cupcake, the older games may be streaming in HD. Potentially similar to how Wii games being run on a PC via the Dolphin emulator are run in a higher resolution (and they do look fantastic), we could see PlayStation and PlayStation 2 games looking impossibly sleek on our continually evolving PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3 systems.

Considering how easily many have adopted Netflix, it’s possible that the easy access, expansive library, and potentially lower cost of PlayStation Now will trump gamers’ desire to own every individual game that they play.

Source: Eurogamer

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