‘Future Cinema’ brings movies to life

You don’t have to be a Hollywood executive to notice that our movie-going culture has changed. We’ve gone from the cinema, to VHS, to DVD and now home theaters. We’ve literally brought the “quality” of a night at the movies into our living rooms. And with technology becoming more affordable it won’t be long before everyone has 3D-capable televisions. Unfortunately, however, the accessibility of this kind of technology has turned what was once an occasion to dress up for a night gazing upon the silver screen into something that’s rather mundane.

This kind of entertainment atmosphere has given a rise to the Hollywood blockbuster as well as independent theater/restaurant combos in order to compete with platforms like Netflix and Hulu, streaming services meant to keep people at home in sweatpants watching all four season of Lois and Clark. However, this landscape of competing ideologies and entertainments has given rise to a new kind of movie going experience in Future Cinema.

Future Cinema is a London based company founded in 2005 by Fabian Riggall. The function of Future Cinema is “Specialising in bringing events to life through a unique fusion of film, improvised performances, detailed design and interactive multimedia, Future Cinema create wholly immersive worlds that stretch the audience’s imagination and challenge their expectations.” Future Cinema events allow audiences to wander through spaces that are dressed in detail to look like the film itself, interacting with performers that look like they stepped right off the screen. Their most recent event was a screening of Ghostbusters where audiences dressed in 80s attire and attended a “Manhattan Fashion Event” only to have it crashed by the Ghostbusters on the look out for Zuul and Gozer. Audences could interact with Dana Barrett, Louis Tully and Janine Melnitz among many other while the Ivan Reitman film played throughout the venue.

If you think that sounds cool, events for The Shawshank Redemption and Brazil. They’re nothing short of breathtaking. If they do Blade Runner again, I may have to pack my bags and go to London.

If I’m to be honest, I don’t care about the latest strides in 3D and high definition. I don’t care about the latest in surround sound. What I do crave is an immersive, one of a kind theatrical experience. I want something more extraordinary than sitting at home watching Ghostbusters in my underwear or going to a theater and sitting next to rude patrons who won’t turn off their cell phones. I want to feel the same kind of magic that I used to feel when seeing a movie, and it looks like Future Cinema has all the technology in the world beat, with old fashioned imagination.

For more information you should check out their site HERE.

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