TIME Magazine reveals how much time you’ve wasted on Facebook

facebookFacebook is nearing its tenth anniversary. It’s hard to believe that nearly ten years ago Mark Zuckerberg launched the social network inside a dorm with a couple of friends. 1 billion users later, Facebook is now one of the biggest companies across the globe.

To coincide with the anniversary of Facebook, TIME Magazine has released a new app on their side that calculates the estimated amount of time you’ve spent on the social network since its inception.

Use TIME’s calculator to see just how many days of your life have been lost to this ten-year-old. Facebook doesn’t publicize data on exactly how often a user logs in, though you can bet that they’ve got that information. In lieu of that measurement, this app runs through the timestamps on every post in your feed until it reaches the earliest one, which it uses as the estimated date that you created your profile. Users who are extraordinarily active on the site may get an estimate that is considerably later than the actual date that they joined. much of your life you have wasted scrolling over the pages of face. 

Terrifying isn’t it? Are you ready to hear the cold hard truth?

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TIME Magazine facebook time calculator

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