Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate confirmed for NA release

MH4UEarlier Capcom announced, in typical Capcom fashion, that there was going to be an expansion for Monster Hunter 4 that will be released in Japan, titled Monster Hunter 4G, not even six months after the release of the original game. And there was much rage to be had by the people who wondered if Capcom even learned anything from the backlash they received when they did the same thing with MvC3.

Now, it seems the western audience is actually getting a better deal for a change. Capcom just recently announced via a youtube video on their official Monster Hunter channel that the game will FINALLY be heading over to NA. This will be the updated version that Japan will be getting, and is titled Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate.

The naming is peculiar in this case, because of the fact that MH4 has yet to be released in this part of the world at all (MH3 was originally released on the Wii as Tri before MH3G was made, and later MH3 Ultimate). Despite this, fans in NA actually seem to be getting a better deal this time around, since they don’t have to worry about buying a second copy of the game, although 4G in Japan will allow players the ability to port their save data over. Of course, there is no guarantee that they’ll just do the same thing again later down the road either.

You can catch the announcement video below. MH4 Ultimate is currently set for a 2015 release, showing Capcom still doesn’t quite know how importing works, or that they simply don’t care enough about it. But at least we’ll be getting a game that’s already going to be available in the east for almost two years by that time, right?

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