Play HTML 5 games on your Xbox One


By Ryan Shepard

Are you someone who enjoys playing video games on your internet browser? Are you someone who enjoys playing these games with a controller? Better yet, are you someone who would like to do this on the Xbox One? Well, then there is a site just for you.

Xbox One gamers can launch their Internet Explorer app and go to to play HTML 5 games on their console and controller. Xboxie supports a growing list of games that have been found compatible with the Xbox One controller. Notable mentions include Pac Man, Bejeweled and Cut the Rope.

As I mentioned previously the list of games is growing as users can submit game URLs to be reviewed for addition to this list of games. Maybe we will get to some some small fun arcade style titles.

If anything, it’s a nice little distraction for Xbox One gamers until Xbox Live Arcade support is added for the One.

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