CES 2014: Cambridge Audio sounding off at CES


At NR, a lot of us love our sound. From bass-pumping dubsteps to ground shaking explosions, nothing gets us more excited than a rich sound. One of the first stops I made at CES 2014 was at Cambridge Audio’s suite in the Venetian. Tucked away from the main exhibits was Cambridge Audio’s little world of beautiful sounds of music in the air. While they aren’t quite as well known in the States, they hope to bring a lot of impact to the audio market. Let’s see what new delightful new toys they have for the audiophile in all of us.


First up is the DacMagic XS, a frighteningly small little device that packs a lot of wallop. A lot of people like to wear expensive headphones to use with their laptops, but did you know that you can further your audio experience even more? The DacMagic is a Digital-to-Analog USB converter for your computer. The way it works is it plugs straight into your computer’s USB while you hook your headphones into the device’s 3.5mm jack on the opposite end. Through the DacMagic XS, all the audio is enhanced and fed to your headphones. Instantly, you could feel the improved bass and vocal tracks sound much cleaner. Quite the convenient little box!


Next up we have the Cambridge Audio Minx Air 100, a wireless speaker that hopes to fill your living room. Utilizing Airplay and Bluetooth technology, the Minx Air 100 is able to stream all your tunes straight from your mobile device without any additional components using its 100 watt speakers. It’s got a lot of big sound in a portable package. But if that’s not enough for you, there’s its bigger brother, the Minx Air 200, which packs an even bigger wallop. In fact, most of the music in the suite were broadcast from one location in the suite. Just imagine that music floating in the air. Trippy.

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