Casting for Fantastic Four commences at Fox

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After several re-writes, it looks like Simon Kinberg has finished writing the complete script for the Fantastic Four reboot; also to be directed by Josh Trank (Chronicle). Kinberg also wrote the script for X-men: Days of Future Past, which scheduled to come out later this year. We already know that 2oth Century Fox has their sights set on combining these two franchises together to create their ultimate comic book movie; much like how Marvel set the stage for The Avengers.


Center: Michael B. Jordan in Chronicle.

With all that said, the casting for Fantastic Four is already on its way. We’ve from earlier reports that Michael B. Jordan is in line to play Johnny Storm, also known as The Human Torch. This raised more than a few eyebrows to say the least since we all know that Mr. Jordan is of African American descent, while Johnny Storm (in the comics) is a Caucasian male. In any case, whomever the studio chooses to play Human Torch, I hope they cast a great actor who can portray the brash cockiness of Johnny Storm.

Miles Teller in The Spectacular Now

Miles Teller in The Spectacular Now

Another name that’s attached to this reboot is Miles Teller. He recently stated that he is still in line to play the coveted role of Reed Richards, or better known as Mr. Fantastic. There are more Hollywood names attached to this casting escapade, but these aren’t confirmed as of yet. We still don’t know who will be filling in the shoes of Benjamin Grimm (The Thing) and Susan Storm (The Invisible Woman). According to studio executives, they are casting the roles in large groups to see if they can find the perfect dynamic and chemistry for this superhero family. I sincerely hope that they can get a great set of actors together to portray the family closeness and struggles that the Fantastic Four experience.

Fantastic Four and the X-Men

Fantastic Four and the X-Men

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