Gal Gadot gets another Wonder Woman concept design for Batman vs. Superman film

I’ll admit, I’m one of the many critics against Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman for the upcoming Superman vs. Batman film. Whether you’re for or against the casting, people are excited to see how she turns out, especially in the Wonder Woman outfit. We first have an artist do Gadot in the classic outfit. Here’s another conceptual photo manipulation of how Gadot might look like as Wonder Woman, thanks to Moviepilot’s Tim Gonzalez.


I’m actually digging this look. It’s still capturing the essence of Wonder Woman without making her look out of place in a big budget comic book movie. Wearing the skirt would pay homage to her Greek heritage, and wearing the pants would make her look appropriate for the live-action modern world. It’s a mix of different designs including cosplayer Megan Marie’s Wonder Woman, Lady Sif from Thor, and other Wonder Woman designs.

Here’s the same design without pants.

gal gadot moviepilot

What do you think of the concept design?

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