Sleepow wants to give you a comfortable great night sleep


It’s not uncommon for people to take their own pillows on vacations or trips, especially Memory Foam pillows that give you the support and comfort you need in one. Sometimes that isn’t even enough.

Made for people who have trouble sleeping at night, Sleepow takes a memory foam pillow and takes it a step further by adding a built-in music player and integrated sound system for a peaceful and relaxing sleep.


Without causing any sort of discomfort, the Sleepow pillow features a built-in controller on the side of the pillow, allowing you to choose songs, change how soft or loud you want the music to be, and even includes a headphone jack so you’re not bothering anyone else.

Music will be playing for 30 minutes as you fall asleep, but you can even listen to music all night if you want to, as the pillow recharges via a mini USB cable.

The Sleepow is available now on for $99.

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