CES 2014: Intel – Gelileo, Edison, Oculus, and Infiniti galore

What can I say, if we were given the choice of only one booth to visit this year, in my opinion, I would choose Intel without a single doubt in my mind. This is one of the main reasons I go to CES every year, to discover new technology that truly advances mankind’s advantages over the chaos of life, communication, creating engaging entertainment, and development. All of this can be seen as Intel’s priorities, just from a tour around this amazing booth.

After checking out some amazing 2-in-1 tablets, which have gotten even thinner and more intelligently designed, we started with Intel’s new Augmented Reality 3D surface. Using the 3D glasses, we were able to manipulate an object with better depth than ever before. This could be an invaluable tool for both product designers and architects alike.

Holograms have been said to be a fiction until the last couple years. We watched as Picard and crew enjoyed time on the holodeck. At this rate, this may not be such a far off projection. Intel’s holographic surface portrayed accurate depth while maintaining visibility from most angles. Something not often seen even in the 3D gaming environment.

Pushing these boundaries of gaming is Eve: Valkrie. A side project of CCCP games, with the use of the Oculus Rift, we are now able to have dogfights in space, without even having to leave the couch. My editor can be quoted as saying ” I completely agree, this is the future of gaming ,” from a man who’s been a console gamer for the past 18 years or so. Intel understands potential when they see it, and has invested very well with this program.

After an inspection and long explanation of both the Edison (The Intel Edison board features a low-power 22nm 400MHz Intel Quark processor with two cores, integrated Wi-Fi and Bluetooth*) and Galileo, as well as a demonstration of Infiniti’s new dual smart screen functions, it’s just a matter of time until there’s an Intel in just about everything.

What we took away from this tour was this: Intel’s mission has always been about improving technology in quality, performance, and accessibility for all income rates. While this may sound a bit fanboyish, understand that this company’s reach has lifted so many great projects off the ground, and from the display at CES, we continue to have faith in the innovation that follows in Intel labs.

Great work, gents, we love it all so far.

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