CES 2014: SEIDIO Mobile Device Protection at its best!

Among the various companies reaching to gain the attention among its peers, Seidio came to my attention next to the thick device protection group, Otterbox. Speaking to Risa, who is the Operations Coordinator on the site, she took me through some of the products that are to be released this season. Seidio is known to be a company that manufactures mobile accessories with practicality in mind. Whether its usage is for working around the office or a construction site, these things were built to take a beating.

But unlike Otterbox, Seidio designs its protection to be slimmer and lighter. The last thing you want when you’re gaming or commuting is having yourself weighed down by your utilities. So Seidio keeps these details in mind when engineering their cases.
Seidio_Ledger_01Although I could dive straight into cases, I’d like to point out a product of theirs that seems so intuitive by design, but I don’t see more people use it.

The Seidio LEDGER is a case that is designed for your iPad Mini and iPad Mini with Retina, protecting it from scratches and dents. Don’t underestimate the simplicity of its design, as many people have already broken their Apple products, and this reinforcing shell can save it from total and utter destruction. Surprisingly, it also comes equipped with the same Italian Polyurethane flip cover that many new iPad owners tend to purchase alone.

When I first handled this cover, I didn’t even realize the shell was on the iPad until I was directed to notice it. It still maintains the same standing power and durability of the solo polyurethane flip cover, so don’t feel you’re getting a second-class version of the flip cover.
And as you can see, it has spacious orifices required to interact with the iPad itself. Seidio currently has this product available on their website.

What Seidio has coming up is going to be interesting. Maintaining its engineering for practicality and sleekness, it is currently developing the OBEX. This is a waterproof and dustproof weatherproof case that is being developed for the Samsung Galaxy S4. And get this, it can stay completely submerged. I mean, seriously? Full and continuous submersion? This thing pretty much gives your Note 3 some scuba-gear. But as with all their other products, this item also overall protects your phone from damage.

You can see the Samsung Galaxy S4 version which is already available on their website. Also, see it in action to get an idea of how it can save your Samsung Galaxy Note 3.

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