CES 2014: Sceptre 4K HDTV, zipper earbuds, and more

photo 1 At CES 2014 I had a chance to visit Sceptre, known for its innovations in display monitors for close to thirty years. They originally started with CRT monitors and in the last ten years have branched out into LCD, HDTV, and now even UHDTV (coming in Q4 of this year).

Not satisfied with just creating a sleek line of televisions, Sceptre is also branching out into Bluetooth speakers with NFS technology, zip up earbuds, and cinema style LCDs.
Walking around the show floor of CES you can’t help but be zombified by those 4K UHDTVs. With most UHDTVs priced as much as a small car, owning one is probably years away for a lot of us.

Scepter is aiming to change all that with its 39” and 58” LED 4K HDTV, sporting a 120Hz refresh rate. You will get a clear and crisp picture. Packed with MHL technology you will be able to hook up your Android device and mirror you HD content on to the screen with ease, all while charging you device too.

If that wasn’t enough, the 4K HDTV also comes Roku ready. So you can control your Roku using the TV remote control, and you won’t have the need to have multiple remote controls.

If you’re still not sure you want to jump into the 4K bandwagon, not to worry, Sceptre has a wide lineup of LED HDTVs that come in a wide range of sizes, colors and features. I didn’t get a price sheet but I was told that most of the HDTVs, including the 4K ones, will be available between Q3 and Q4 of this year.

photo 2 (2)Next we have the SoundPal, a Bluetooth speaker with NFS technology and added micro SD slot that you can easily take on the go with its convenient silicon protective case. Its football shaped design makes it fit perfectly in your hand. The SoundPal isn’t your ordinary single-trick pony speaker, if you have two of them, you can hook them up to your TV via included cables. Now you have a sound system giving you even better sound clarity on your TV. With five colors to choose from, you should easily find one that will match your style or TV set.

The SoundPal retails for $199.

photo 1Maybe you don’t want to lug around a speaker with you, and you just want to listen to your music on the go. Sceptre has you covered with its SoundEP ear phone. What’s the biggest problem with all earbuds? You are going to get them tangled and probably rip them after a couple of months of use, I know I have. With a pair of the SoudEP, you may never again have that problem. These earbuds have a zipper design that allow you to easily zip up the ear buds and make one seamless cord you can put in your pocket and go. The SoundEP can also connect to your smart phone to answer phone calls; it comes with different size gel eartips and can be purchased in different colors as well.

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