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Since Marvel released that Paul Rudd will be playing Scott Lang and Michael Douglas will be playing Hank Pym in the upcoming Ant-Man movie, we here at NR have been salivating for more information on what the story will encompass. Well apparently writer and director Edgar Wright had originally presented a script for this movie to Artisan Entertainment, who originally held the Ant-Man rights before Marvel’s acquisition of it. This original screenplay was written back in 2004 and is now officially happening.

Since Michael Douglas isn’t as spunky and in his prime as he once was (e.g. Romancing the Stone, Basic Instinct, and Falling Down), the 69-year-old actor is going to be playing a mature version of Hank Pym who once used his abilities back in the 60s. Enter Paul Rudd who will be playing Scott Lang, who in the comic books is a reformed thief that steals Pym’s gear and eventually becomes Ant-Man the hero.


Michael Douglas and Paul Rudd

Another bit of information is that Michael Pena has just been cast to play the villain of the movie. According to ScreenRant sources, his character will be a Fidel Castro-type villain from Hank Pym’s past. This is actually interesting as we don’t know how this villain will affect Scott Lang’s Ant-Man or The Avengers if at all.

If this is the outline of Marvel’s script, how does Hank Pym and Scott Lang fit in with Marvel’s Cinematic Universe? In the comic books, Hank Pym created Ultron which ultimately led him to become one of the Avenger’s most deadliest foes. Will Michael Douglas make a guest appearance in Avengers: Age of Ultron? The superhero roster is growing larger by the second and hopefully Joss Whedon will surprise us with Scott Lang or Hank Pym making a quick cameo in the second Avengers movie. In any case, we cant’ wait for this movie to come out!



Source: ScreenRant

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