Guild Wars 2 Origins of Madness update stomps in next week

GW2_2014-01_-_Marionette_2Guild Wars 2 players have likely enjoyed the relative calmness that came in during the holiday season, however, things are about to get crazy once again if Scarlet has anything to say about it.

The primary antagonist for the game’s current Living Story arc will be going back to work at causing havoc in next week’s update. Her latest plot? Unleash a gigantic robot puppet in one of the game’s areas that can easily crush everything underneath it’s metallic heel. Players will need to be able to topple the behemoth and help to uncover just what exactly Scarlet is up to. Supposedly the puppet is just a prototype, and that she’s testing it for something even more sinister.

Of course other things have to go wrong as well. Over in another area, players may have noticed a number of large probes that end up damaging them if interacted with. While the probes definitely have Scarlet’s name written all over them, the possible unintended consequence is that their pounding has awoken an ancient wurm that has established its home miles underground. This particular wurm is larger than any other, having multiple heads that stretch across the entire region. It’s a large-scale encounter that requires players to work together to be able to put it down before it destroys everything.

Both encounters will be available starting Jan 21, and will be the first of the final chapters for the current story arc. The wurm boss fight will be a permanent addition to the game, while the giant encounter will be temporary (it is only a prototype after all). You can catch the trailer for the update below. Joystiq also has a preview of what to expect on their website that’s worth reading.

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