Sherlock: Series 3, episode 2: ‘The Sign of Three’ review


* This post contains spoilers*

Fast forward to a couple of months from the first episode and we get to John and Mary’s wedding.We see people arriving to the wedding, including John’s former superior James Sholto (who rarely comes out after running a mission that killed many lives), but he came out for John Watson.

Sherlock is the best man and has to give a speech – throughout the speech, we see different scenes – the moment John asked Sherlock to be his best man, a crime revolving around an attempted invisible murderer on a Queen’s guard’s life, John’s bachelor party, a ghost boyfriend “Mayfly man” preying on women, and eventually Sherlock figuring out it’s all connected and someone is about to be murdered at John and Mary’s wedding.

sherlockThe episode is very fast paced with stories being told in and out the scene. We watch the case of the stalked Queen’s guard and the attempted murder on his life. This was to show John’s use for Sherlock – Sherlock wants to solve the crime, but John saves lives (because John cares about the human lives).

Then we see Sherlock throw John’s bachelor night out of strategic drinking, until John slips Sherlock an extra shot in his drink. Hilarity ensues with Sherlock and John being drunk together… and attempting to solve a crime regarding a woman dating a ghost.

sherlock 2When Sherlock and John pull through their drunkenness, Sherlock attempts to truly solve the crime of the ghostman who he calls “Mayfly man” who takes the identity of recently deceased men and their homes to seduce women and then disappearing. Sherlock can’t find a connection between them until she hears one of the victims call John by his full name and her knowledge on the wedding.

sherlockSherlock puts the two and two together that someone is going to be murdered at the wedding and the invisible murderer case and the Mayfly man case are related. Sherlock signals John and we find out it’s Sholto who is targeted. By who? The only man who couldn’t be in the wedding photos – the photographer (his brother was killed in the mission Sholto was in charge of).

It was all connected. Brilliant. This is the type of crime solving I’ve been waiting to see this season (at least one of the three episodes). The use of Sherlock’s mind palace (during the serious moments) was great to watch because it’s making us think of solving this crime. The process of elimination and finding out how everything is connected. Seriously, my brain had a good workout. It was also great to see Mycroft play a part in this as Sherlock’s conscience in his mind palace.

Overall, this episode gave us funny moments and bizarre cases, but when it was all connected together – it just worked brilliantly.

Funny Moments:

* Sherlock calls Lestrade for help. Lestrade leaves a huge case thinking Sherlock is in trouble – but Sherlock just needs help with the Best Man speech.

* Sherlock freezes at the thought of being asked to be a Best Man and drinks his tea that has an eyeball in it.

* Sherlock showing the child dead bodies and trying to conceal it from the adults.

* Sherlock loves dancing.

* Sherlock and John being drunk – HILARIOUS. “He’s clueing for looks” – John Watson

* Sherlock threatening an ex-boyfriend of Mary. To see this creepy face, click here.

* Sherlock revealing to John and Mary that Mary is pregnant.

* Mrs. Hudson at the wedding – hilarious.

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