Sherlock: Season 3, episode 1: ‘The Empty Hearse’ review


* This post contains spoilers *

How did Sherlock survive?

We are given a lot of theories during this episode. Philip Anderson, president/leader of the Sherlock theory club, and his Scooby team all have ideas of how Sherlock survived. We’re not too sure which is the correct one throughout the episode even the answer provided by Sherlock.

Well, obviously it’s not the Moriarty and Sherlock kiss (*hearing fangirl/boy squeals*). It probably isn’t the Molly/Sherlock make-out, which was obviously done for the fangirls as well. Most likely it was Sherlock’s version, but Anderson found many holes in that. So, we aren’t given a clear answer on how he survived. I still like to think it was because of the TARDIS (Doctor Who).

sherlock holmes 3

We find that Mycroft was involved with the “death” of Sherlock Holmes after we see him bring his brother back to England. So, Mark Gatiss wasn’t lying when he told me Mycroft didn’t mourn for Sherlock – he laughed at his grave. So, Mycroft and his crew was in on it THE WHOLE TIME. Sneaky sneaky.

sherlock8The episode shows John Watson moved out of 221B Baker St and in with his lovely girlfriend Mary Morstan. She is really likeable and the chemistry between the two felt so real. It could be because Martin Freeman and Abigail Abbington are partners in real life. You just fall in love with their relationship on and off-screen. Her interaction with Sherlock was also very fun to watch. So much chemistry from this character. Trust me, you’ll like her.

The reunion was very “Sherlock-like” with him having very little regard to human feelings. When John and Sherlock meet again, with Sherlock’s hilarious disguise as a French waiter, you can feel the tension. John is just so angry and there are funny moments when John beats Sherlock up, but when John breaks down angry when he finds out he was the last to know about Sherlock being alive… heart-breaking. Somebody give Martin Freeman a BAFTA award now.

sherlock18My favorite Sherlock Lives reveal was with Inspector Greg Lestrade. Sherlock gets his name wrong and yet, Lestrade is so happy and hugs him. It’s short but so hilarious.

So let’s get to the actual crime solving… Sherlock needs to find the man who disappeared in the London tube (train/subway station). The man is Lord Moran (a member of Parliament) who is plotting to destroy Parliament on November 5th ( Guy Fawkes Day). In the end, they find the bomb in a missing train and Sherlock is able to turn it off – ironically by a off switch.

I felt this episode was less focused on the crime than on Sherlock’s fall. I’m all for knowing how he survived the fall, but I watch Sherlock for crimes and how he solves it, not for the personal drama between characters. I felt like I needed more in regards to the crime. This crime was solved pretty easily (in my opinion).

But of course, this episode was to show Sherlock and John’s relationship and how much they meant to each other. It also introduced a new villain who took John and planted him under the Guy Fawkes fire pit for Mary and Sherlock to find and rescue him. He was watching the whole thing take place on film. Who is he? We will find out soon enough.

Overall, this episode did meet my fangirl expectations, but as a Sherlock Holmes fan, it needed more of the crime solving than the emotional factors – like Molly’s new fiance (who looks very similar to Sherlock’s look) and John being upset with Sherlock – yes, I get it. Give me more crime solving!

Funny moments:

* Sherlock trying to reveal himself to John as the French waiter.

* Benedict Cumberbatch’s real life parents Timothy Carlton and Linda Ventham playing Sherlock’s parents – who seem very normal and ordinary compared to their children.

* Mycroft being annoyed with watching Les Miserables with his parents begging for Sherlock to save him.

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