Aquaman in Batman vs. Superman? Hell Yeah!


The rumor mill seems to be in full swing as whispers have gone out saying Josh Holloway (Lost) has been approached to possibly play Aquaman in the Batman vs. Superman film. According to a source from ComicBookMovie.comLost star and fan-favorite Josh Holloway is possibly being considered to play the role of Aquaman. Before 90% of you start commenting about how worthless Aquaman is, I would like to remind you of the article Top 20 Comic Book Heroes.

The Man of Steel sequel, Batman vs. Superman, already has tons of Justice league members which makes me want to consider more of a prequel to the Justice League movie than a sequel to Man of Steel. There are so many rumors going around about this movie it’s really hard to tell which ones are bogus, but as an Aquaman fan, I can’t help but get giddy over the fact of who could possibly play him.

If you aren’t familiar with Josh Holloway, he played a stubborn and angsty character in the hit TV show Lost. He also became a sex symbol across America and has proved his acting chops in the series itself. I think he would bring in tons of new and potential Aquaman fans if he does it right. No one can deny that he has this Jamie Lannister/Prince Charming/Point Break surfer look going for him, which would make him the perfect representation of royalty as king of the seas.

Although Aquaman has kind of been the joke of the Justice League, DC has really gone out of its way for a while now to show everyone that he is in fact a bad-ass character. He was seen on Justice League, Justice League: The New Frontier, Justice League Unlimited, Justice League Flashpoint Paradox,  Smallville and Entourage but has been made fun of memes and Family Guy multiple times. But if you read the newer comics including The New 52, Injustice, or watch any of the previously mentioned mediums then you would know he can handle his own even if he is away from the water even against the most powerful members of the Justice League.

Watch a clip from Justice League: Flashpoint Paradox below to watch Aquaman kick Wonder Woman’s ass.

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