CES 2014: Monster brings out the Shaq-Fu with their new line-ups

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Monster is strong as ever with their new star-studded line-up of products at this year’s CES. We’ve had surprise guest appearances in the past which included Nick Cannon, Xzibit, Drew Brees, Earth Wind & Fire, K-POP Wonder Girls and it only goes on. The start of this year’s new line up begins monstrously with Shaq introducing something seemingly tiny.

Monster Superstar Bluetooth Speakers
In big superstar fashion, Shaq came out during the Monster Press Conference and introduced the Superstar. The draw was big sound from a small speaker. From across the Monster booth these speakers were bumping pretty hard. I can imagine one of these thumping sounds into our CES hotel room, then Shaq busting in to join the party much akin to the Kool-Aid Man. If that commercial makes it to air, you heard it here first. The Superstar comes in a variety of colors as indicated by the infographic below:
MonsterSuperstar (Custom)
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24k Over-Ear Headphones
New this year are gold plated bling bling headphones. If you didn’t think that wearing humongous Beats around your neck was bling enough, imagine doing it with actual bling. Monster brings 24k gold in gleaming fashion to its new headphones line. Backed by Rapper Meek Mills’, “It’s a 24k lifestyle.”

PowerCard Turbo
Last year, Monster joined the mobile battery craze. It came in 5 different polished metal colors: black, green, silver, cherry, and blue. This year they double the capacity with the new Monster PowerCard Turbo. At over 3300 mAh, it contains enough juice to charge your phones twice with only a sliver more thickness than the previous PowerCard.

Lamborghini Veneno Roadster
To announce a new partnership with Lamborghini, the Monster booth in Central Hall showcased a gorgeous 4 million dollar Lamborghini Veneno Roadster. The draw was that this was custom tuned by Noel Lee to match a near symphony experience using Pure Monster Audio. This may not fit into most of our consumer level price tags, but it sure was fun sitting in it and bumping that audio to Fleetwood Mac. Music choice completely dictated by Fleetwood Mac’s concert later tonight sponsored by Monster.
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