CES 2014: Anker showcases Power IQ technology for their external batteries

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CEO of Anker Japan, Yoshitsune Ido, gave us a personal demo of their Power IQ technology during the Pepcom Digital Experience. Anker is widely known for selling their portable batteries at notable websites such as Amazon.com.

The draw of their new products this year reflect a technology called Power IQ which auto detects the ideal charging amperage. To reference, dumb phones typically charge at 0.5A, smartphones at 1.0A, and iPads at 2.0A. Charging a device with the wrong amperage can cause harm to the battery and device, which is what the Power IQ technology addresses.

Anker allowed Nerd Reactor to sample its Astro External Battery with a 6000 mAh capacity. A single USB port labeled “IQ” sits on one side of the solidly built battery waiting for whatever USB cord to be plugged in for charging. A shake of the entire battery will illuminate a circular power meter indicating capacity left. In our personal experiences, we found that a Samsung S4 smartphone charged from 90 percent to 100 percent in a 10 minute period. All while tethering internet and feeding a bluetooth speaker a Pandora feed. Impressive, yes!

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Product is available on Amazon.com at this link.

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