Alien: Isolation announced, aims to bring fear back in space


Remember the disaster that was Aliens: Colonial Marines? Yeah, we’d rather forget that existed as well. Thankfully, Sega has enlisted the help of a non-Gearbox developer to help bring some credibility back to the franchise.

Alien: Isolation is being developed by Creative Assembly, known for their Total War line of games, and aims to bring the series back to its survival horror roots that were present in the 1979 classic movie. Players will take control of a survivor on a decommissioned space station, working their way through the ravaged corridors while trying to avoid the ruthless and unpredictable xenomorph lurking around every corner. It’s got shades of modern survival horror games such as Amnesia and Slender, which have helped to bring the genre back into prosperity in recent years.

Judging by the announcement trailer that was released today, which you can check out below, the game is already looking to be better than 2013’s disappointing mess. Alien: Isolation is due out late this year.

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