Evutec – Karbon S Series for Galaxy SIII (Review)

Despite the fact that the Galaxy S4 is the currently running model of Samsung’s Galaxy smartphones, many people are still using their Galaxy SIIIs. And while the Evutec website itself supports the Galaxy S4 version of the Karbon S Series, I’m taking you down the path of the known. This here, is Nerd Reactor’s review of the Karbon S Series snap-case for the Samsung Galaxy SIII.
Aside from Evutec’s polished wooden cases for smartphones, their Karbon series design uses a carbon-fiber weave. This kind of material is used for kevlar vests to stop bullets from ending your life! As a disclaimer, I would NOT try shooting your phone, even if it’s encased in a Karbon S cover, as the force of impact can still transfer a kinetic force that can damage the integrity of your phone itself. However, if you are worried about damaging your phone by dropping it, Evutec’s Materials Engineers have you covered! The rubbery, smooth coating that wraps the carbon-fiber weave not only resists scratching, but the entire assembly has a higher chance of damaging your IKEA furniture before your smartphone shows signs of damage. To be clear, the carbon-fiber mesh used in Kevlar and in this case isn’t going to stop things like ballistics, so much as it is the modern day equivalent of chainmail. The technology used in this phone case is break-resistant, which helps the phone from shattering on impact.
As with all of Evutec’s Karbon cases:

  • DuPont Kevlar
  • 0.7mm thin
  • Light weight
  • Slim profile
  • Stronger than Steel
  • Scratch resistant
  • Doesn’t block Signal
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