The Lumen TL800 LED Bluetooth Smart Bulb

The Lumen TL800

We all have a need to go green, but that doesn’t mean that you have to skimp on features. To save on energy costs, a lot of people switch from traditional light bulbs to florescent light bulbs. But in the past years LED light bulbs have also been out in the market and getting better with each generation.

The Lumen TL800 LED app-enabled smart bulb by Versifli aims to replace your standard or florescent light bulbs. This is just a simple plug-and-play swap but with several added bonuses. This LED light bulb will light your room, set that mood you may looking for, or fuel your next house party. The LED light bulb is capable of millions of colors, is dimmable, and all while still being energy efficient. Did I also mention that you can control the bulb with your iPhone, iPad, or iPod via Bluetooth? You can also control multiple LED bulbs at the same time.

You can now buy it at Amazon for $69.99.

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