NR’s Laura: My top ten geek films of 2013

With 2013 coming to a close and 2014 being filled with so many awesome movies coming out, I had to do a list of my top ten “geeky” films of 2013.

*Disclaimer: These picks are entirely my own and does not reflect all of the writers of Nerd Reactor.*

Let’s begin:


10. Riddick

A lot of people are probably groaning at this pick because it’s Vin Diesel and this may not had been the best movie this year… but it was entertaining. The previous Riddick films had been sub-par since Pitch Black (2000), but I feel like this film was very similar to that one. Diesel financed this film himself and you could see how much effort he put into this film. I loved the pet jackal in the film as well. It kept me entertained the whole time, so it’s on my list. Plus, it had Katee Sackoff being a badass.


Iron Man 39. Iron Man 3

I liked Shane Black’s direction in Kiss Kiss Bang Bang (also starring Robert Downey Jr), so I knew Iron Man 3 would take a similar direction. Of course, I didn’t like how they portrayed the Mandarin and how Aldrich Killian owns the same pair of indestructible pants as the Hulk, but the overall movie was fun to watch. RDJ is Iron Man and you just want to watch him be a hero. The interaction between the kid in the small town is priceless too.



8. Thor 2: The Dark World

Honestly, the only thing that made me excited for this film was Loki (Tom Hiddleston). Thor is the main character, but you know you’re cheering for Loki the whole time. The storyline was a bit slow, but it seems like the moments Loki was in it were the best. I really tried to focus on the other characters but he really did steal the movie.


Frozen-disney-logo7. Frozen

Finally, a musical from Disney that reminded me of the good ole’ Disney movies days. We aren’t given only one princess to look up to, but TWO! Not to mention, the music was very good as well. Vocals by Idina Menzel and Kristen Bell? Yes, please. Thank you for giving me my childhood back, Disney.



6. The Wolverine

I’m so surprised why this wasn’t picked in other lists. The storyline was great, fast paced and entertaining. Not only that, director James Mangold created THREE strong women characters and two of them were the good guys! Not only was the villain a badasses, Yukio (Rila Fukushima) and Mariko (Tao Okamoto) proved themselves to be strong, tough BAMF. This film is definitely in my Top 10.


doctorwho5. Doctor Who: The Day of the Doctor 3D (two-day showing)

A lot of people are going to complain and argue about this being on my list because it wasn’t a feature film (it was shown in theaters for two days – November 23rd and November 25th), but I got to see it in the big screen and it grossed a lot of money. The Day of the Doctor was so good – featuring three Doctors (Matt Smith, David Tennant and John Hurt). Yeah, it wasn’t a feature film, but it was still shown in theaters for more than one day and was sold out in almost all the venues. I say, it deserves to be on my list.


TheWorldsEndPoster4. The World’s End

As a huge fan of the Three Cornetto trilogy and everything that Edgar Wright, Simon Pegg and Nick Frost has ever done, I had to watch this movie. I was not disappointed. This British sci-fi dark comedy about friends completing a drinking binge was hilarious to watch and yet was able to touch on a touchy subject – alcoholism. It was a great lesson within this hilarious adventure film. As Gary King would say, “We’re going to see this through to the bitter end. Or… lager end.” Read review here.


hungergames003. The Hunger Games: Catching Fire

As a fan of the books and Jennifer Lawrence, I knew this was going to be epic… and I was right. I was disappointed in the first film and was hopeful for this one. They really captured the second book really well (the important parts at least). It was a good pace and the acting was great by all. Two words: Jennifer Lawrence.



2. Gravity

This movie was intense. A lot of people complained it’s not an accurate depiction of space, but it’s a film and the reaction of being stuck in space was raw and very accurate.  Sandra Bullock is truly America’s sweetheart and acclaimed actress (not surprised if she is nominated for an Academy Award). The main focus was her. In space. There were no villains. There was no comic relief. There were no other characters to take the scene away. It was just her. And she was magnificent.



1. The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smuag

I really enjoyed this movie. There were no random singing or eagles to take your eyes away from the story. It was just point blank – a story. You really learn about the characters and enjoy every moment of the film – the characters, the battles, and the scenery. This movie kept me entertained and at the edge of my seat and it made you crave more. I never cursed at the end of a movie before until this film because of the cliffhanger! I have to wait a whole year for the conclusion and I can’t wait for the adventure. You can read my review here.

There it is.


People are probably asking why didn’t Pacific Rim, Star Trek Into Darkness (because I’m a Trekkie), and Man of Steel made my list. Here are my reasons why I DID NOT include these films:

Pacific RimPacific Rim: Although it was an action pack film about machines and monsters – that was pretty much it. I know a lot of people loved the action, but it was lacking on character development. It was a movie filled with testosterone and the only main female character Mako (Rinko Kikuchi) was shown to be weak. Sure, she knows how to fight but she was fighting behind a man and acted in fear. If I were basing the film on just action, this would had made it on the Top 10, but it didn’t have so much on the content beyond that.


pnlmm460_startrekdark0428Star Trek Into Darkness:As a Trekkie, I was really disappointed in this film. I guess it was good for the regular movie goer, but if you follow Trek canon, this totally broke it. After the film, there were so many questions that were demanded to be answered. Benedict Cumberbatch and Chris Pine did a great job in acting, but I felt like everything else fell short. See my review here.


Man of SteelMan of Steel:
Although I gave Man of Steel a generally positive review, the character development caused this not to make my list. It’s really tough to create a story about a superhero alien and still provide strong female characters (other than the badass villian Faora-Ul). It was mainly the characters that fell short in the film.


People are going to have different opinions regarding my list,but please. I’d love to hear your opinions and your own lists as well!

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