Awkward Conversations: Name and Win it!!!

chatterboxBy: Anastasia Washington

Chatterbox Puppets is getting awkward with us! And we can’t wait for you to listen in! But nothing brings joy to the New Year like winning your very own Chatterbox Puppet! This brand new design needs a name and this is your chance to name it and win it! Tweet (@AwkwardConvoPod) and Facebook us your names by January 14th and you could win!

Some rules apply. Keep it clean and legal. No licensed names and No profanity. We know you can do it! For U.S. Residents Only. And winners must like Awkward Conversations and Chatterbox Puppets on Facebook and follow both on Twitter to win! You can find all the links for Chatterbox Puppets at!

Let the Games Begin!!!!

And be sure to tune into Awkward Conversations Right here on Nerd Reactor!

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