It’s simple, we kill The Doctor (Batman/Doctor Who comic mashup)

There is a reference in this comic which enthusiasts will understand. However, for those who just dabble in comics and have not followed the various storylines affecting comic fandom, I’ll share a brief note at how Nebezial created the logic behind this Doctor Who and Batman mashup.

During the events of “Final Crisis”, in a confrontation between Batman and Darkseid, it was believed that Darkseid killed Batman with his Omega Beam. But the reality that was presented later was that Batman was sent to the furthest reaches of the past and must fight his way towards the present.

Nebezial takes this moment in the Pre-New 52 story, expanding the idea to this impressive concept. I’m fond of his boldness and wit when it comes to ideas stemming from the comic industry, so you’ll definitely get a kick out of this comic he’s written.

This is only a portion of the full comic.

This is only a portion of the full comic.

Check out the full comic spread here.

Check out the many other artworks at Nebezial’s deviantart.

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