Mortal Kombat gets in the friend zone

Ryan T Alexander scorpion sub zero

So there’s a comic floating around all over the web this week with Mortal Kombat’s Scorpion consoling Sub-Zero. What’s the issue? Sub-Zero is emotional after getting dumped. Instead of Scorpion saying his iconic line, “Get over here!” he says “Get over her” instead. Awww, what are ninja friends for.

The art is done by Ryan T Alexander.

There’s something about Mortal Kombat that lends itself well with relationship topic matter. For example, here’s a comic also featuring Scorpion telling a guy to “get over her”. To stab the point home, he spears the dude in the heart. It’s drawn by Vector Belly and written by Michael J. Hudson.

mortal kombat get over her

Well, even Scorpion isn’t immune to being in the friend zone. Here’s one from VG Cats where he gets rejected from Sonya Blade (that tease!).

mortal kombat friendship

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