WhoLetsPlay: Helping Let’s Play gamers get back on their feet


If you’ve been living under a rock the past week or so (and considering how cold it’s been, I wouldn’t blame you), Google went and pissed off A LOT of people by instituting a Content ID system that basically flags a video passing one of the most broad and poorly programmed filters that I’ve ever seen.

Then they said it was working perfectly. This is coming from the same people who just *had* to force Google+ down people’s throats. There’s a few people out there that really explains just how bad the damage is. The bottom line is that people who were making a good living doing Let’s Plays or even reviews of games have now been screwed over by Content ID. It’s kind of like a bomb exploding in a city, decimating damn near everything in sight.

Now it’s a week later, and people are digging themselves out of the rubble and are somewhat clueless as to where to go from here. That’s where WhoLetsPlay comes in. Going back to the bomb analogy, it’s like a drop team showing survivors where they can safely go…in the form of a wiki that is. The list, which is always expanding, lists which developers are okay with Let’s Plays and which aren’t. There’s even a “maybe” column with terms as far as whether or not you have to put links in the description leading to their site.

So if you’re a vlogger or a Let’s Player, this is a boon and a bit of a sad note. You’re limited to what you can play, but at least now you know which companies you can trust to not claim your videos.

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