Bravely Default demo coming January 2, 2014

BDdemoI am a JRPG addict, and Bravely Default is high on my list of must-play games. Bravely Default features some unique battle systems which allow you to do massive damage with a certain cost, while looking like an amazing adventure.

Square Enix really delivers with this game and via the Nintendo Direct, it was announced that a special Bravely Default demo will be released on the Nintendo eShop on January 2, 2014. It features a special side story and will allow you to transfer items over to the full game. Sleep mode has always been great for Street Pass functions but Bravely Default also features a special treat, when your system has been in sleep mode for hours you gain a special SP (Sleep Point) which can be used in battle for an extra advantage.

Bravely Default will release in February 7th exclusively on the Nintendo 3DS, but the demo will only add to that adventure.

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