Avatar to get three more films; will shoot in New Zealand


Avatar is no stranger to filming in New Zealand, so it shouldn’t be surprising to know that the New Zealand government is working with James Cameron to film the next three Avatar films there. The announcement was made by Prime Minister John Key of New Zealand during a press conference.

James Cameron is also excited about this news for other reasons, and that is because he and his family will become residents in New Zealand (he bought a piece of land in Wairarapa).

Cameron also wants to help bring talented work to New Zealand.

“Its important for everyone to know this [agreement] isn’t just about the Avatar films directly, it’s about trying to lift up the New Zealand film industry, incubate new talent and develop new IP.”

A reason Cameron is shooting in New Zealand is because they’ll be getting a 25% rebate for shooting there. Part of the deal is that the studio will have to help with marketing New Zealand, help expand local employment, and spend at least $500 million on production in New Zealand that includes principal photography and post-production.

The next three Avatar films are expected to be released in Christmas 2016, 2017 and 2018.

Via NZ Herald

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