Top 10 Holiday Gifts for the Geeky Chef

Do you like to cook? Do you have a geeky person in your life who loves to cook? Well, among my friends and family, I am that geeky chef. I love cooking whenever I have a chance.

So why not have your kitchen be geeky, just like you!

marvel dc cookbook1. Themed Cookbooks

Whatever your fandom is… there is probably a cookbook made of it. I’ve found so many geeky themed cookbooks on Amazon and ThinkGeek. You probably will find your fandom – unless it’s an obscure fandom, but you may find a fan-made one on other websites.

geeky cookbooks

But one thing is for sure, you definitely want to get your geeky chef their favorite fandom cookbook. A big incentive for you… they may cook it for you!

I own the Doctor Who, Star Trek and Hunger Games cookbooks, they’re pretty fun to make stuff for themed parties or just for fun.


2. Ice/Chocolate molds

ice chocolate moldsThis isn’t really for cooking, but if you love to make desserts, you can also use these as chocolate molds. I have the Star Wars and Doctor Who molds. Trust me, the chocolate molds made great gifts to people or as party favors.

You can find a variety of molds based on fandom. These seem to be popular among the different fandoms because I’ve seen a large variety of ice/chocolate molds than any other kind of kitchenware.


3. Geeky aprons

geeky apronsPeople always think they don’t need an apron when they are cooking/baking, but trust me, you do need it. It’s great if you deal with sauces and oils. If you’re baking, you deal with flour and mixing. And if you’re a beginner chef, you will need a apron.

I love wearing a my geeky apron when I have cooking parties because then people know my fandom (if they haven’t noticed it around my house already). I get to BE the character.

Don’t like what the big names – Amazon or ThinkGeek – has to offer? There are tons of custom-made aprons on Etsy and with a larger variety.


4.Geeky pizza cutters

geekypizzacutterHonestly, you really don’t use this in cooking because it’s just a pizza cutter, but it’s just SO cool. I have the USS Enterprise NCC-1701 pizza cutter and I love it. Now, they came out with the USS Enterprise NCC-1701D… yes, Captain Jean-Luc Picard’s ship. What!? Yes.

For those without a fandom but are still geeks, we have a Pi Pizza Cutter… if you think about it, they call pizza “pie” as well, so basically, it’s pi cutting pie… geek moment.


5. Geeky spatulas

geeky spatulaA spatula is needed when you are using a frying pan.

You have a limited variety when it comes to spatulas. I tried finding more fandoms that may have a spatula, but very little luck. I was really hoping for a TARDIS spatula, but unless you get it customized, you will not get these from popular retailers. Yes, I own the Star Trek and Star Wars ones. They are great to use when cooking and will not become all crusty and burnt after use (unless you leave it on too long like anything you put on the stove).

Speaking of frying pan…


6. The Sword frying pan


Created by Morlock Enterprises, this frying pan is meant to be held like a sword… no, not really. It just looks cool. You’re holding a sword handle… while cooking. I can’t think of anything more bad-ass of a handle. You can order your very own here.

If you want to feel like a warrior while cooking, this is the pan for you.


7. Bloody cutting board


I cut up a bunch of stuff when I cook – fruits, veggies, beef, chicken, humans, etc. It gets all over the place because of the blood and juices. So why not emphasize that – Dexter style – with your cutting board.

It’s really hilarious, especially when people come over while you’re cooking. I just turn around with my huge knife and welcome them.

Speaking of knives…


8. Ninja Knife set


So I don’t actually have these because I have professional cooking knives. I don’t know how these grade in dicing and slicing quality, but who cares? They look freaking awesome. I really want a set just to have on my kitchen counter.

I’m going to quickly cut an apple – DONE. Quickly dice my onions – DONE. Silent. Fast. Like a Ninja. Okay, not I might actually have to buy these.


9. Condiment Gun


So, whenever I make BBQ anything, I like to leave sauce for people to add more to their food. What better way to have people add more sauce than to SHOOT at it. Sold by Amazon or Firebox, it comes with two cartilages to add more sauce into it.

Is it weird that I want to say the Dirty Harry line every time I shoot my food?

10. Wonder Woman Mixer


Made by KitchenAid, this is a real thing, but it’s only in Brazil. It’s pretty adorable. There have been custom made ones of Boba Fett and Mass Effect, but nothing official from KitchenAid.¬†Look how gorgeous this looks.

If you aren’t a big Wonder Woman fan, you could probably get it custom made to whatever floats your geeky chef’s pots (see what I did there?). Custom decals can be purchased and then added onto the mixer.


There you have it! Gifts you could get yourself or your geeky chef friend. So, what do you want from this list?


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