‘Wholock’ Best fan made mashup film!

sherlock doctorwho

So I kept getting emails and posts about this fan made video. I usually look at all the videos fans and the film makers/editors send me, so I could post them onto our website for exposure. So if you have a geeky video that you’ve seen or made, you can email them to me.

Anyways, I’ve seen tons of mash up videos and I have to say… this is the best Doctor Who/Sherlock mash-up! The whole thing is just ‘Wow‘. They made the whole thing just flowed and the effects. Wow.

The video, made by John Smith (which is obviously a pseudo name), has generated over 1 million views. He has other videos that he has made in homage to Sherlock and Doctor Who. The VFX is just mind blowing and I have to believe that this guy works in the film industry. If not, then he should.

In this video, Sherlock meeting the Doctor is just so accurate. Of course, Sherlock/Doctor Who head writer Steven Moffat said this will never happen. So, we can only live through fan made videos and this one was fun to watch. Good job, John Smith.

Check the video out and give me your thoughts!


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