Braven 710 Speaker review

b710gba_a1The Braven 710 speaker is something I really looked forward to testing. Needing something light, clear, and powerful is hard when it comes to finding a good portable speaker, but with the Braven 710 you get all of that plus more.

The Braven 710 boasts that the battery can last up to 12 hours which I didn’t believe at all. I figured like most, it would last about 4 hours at the most. No it didn’t exactly last for 12 hours, but at full volume it does last at least 10 hours of constant use, which is quite an amount of time considering how often people realistically use a speaker. If you are worried about needing it for longer when you’re at the beach, just take a portable battery or charge it in your car! It uses the standard Micro USB cable to charge, making it not only ingeniously designed, but convenient. You can even plug your phone into it turning your Braven 710 as a portable battery as well!


Lightweight and portable is an understatement. I can barely tell the weight, and it might be too bulky to fit in your jeans’ pocket, it definitely isn’t big enough to bother you in a laptop case or backpack. I would compare it to being about the size of a standard beer bottle without the neck to give you a more realistic understanding of the size. But the weight is less to nothing since it weighs less than a pound (13.4 ounces) and your friends will be jealous of the modern and elegant design.

The Braven 710 Speaker is equipped with industry leading encoding for an amazingly clear listening experience which definitely holds true and sounds much better than all 4 of my laptops, and my Logitech computer speakers giving you a clear sound that rivals its $300 to $500 competitors. The only thing it really lacks is heavy bass which is very hard to come by on Bluetooth portable speakers. You’re standard song will sound great on it, but if you listen to anything with deep bass, you might notice it a little bit of distortion similar to internal TV speakers.

Custom high fidelity audio drivers deliver powerful room-filling sound to your music, media, conference calls and more. I have actually synced my phone to this device for phone interviews and conference calls finding it much more convenient than any headset making me even more of a fan. You can even use a second speaker to turn each one into a separate right and left speaker for a more real stereo sound!

With its IPX5 certified water-resistant splash-proof design you don’t have to worry about spilt drinks on your desk or dresser. It is even designed out of aircraft grade aluminum which has proven its worth in the many times I have knocked it off of my desk!

Overall the only issue I found with it was the bass, but that is what I consider to be a constant issue among all of the wireless Bluetooth speakers in its class. Is it worth the website’s price of $169.99? I would be a bit iffy about that and feel more comfortable if its list price was $149.99, but you can definitely find it on sale on Amazon for about $119.99, which makes it the perfect gift for anyone you know.

Rating: 4/5 Atoms

NR 4 Atoms - B

Product Details:

  • Custom HD audio drivers with APTX audio support
  • 12+ hours of continuous wireless playback
  • Built-in internal speakerphone and power bank
  • IPX5 water resistant rating
  • Bluetooth connectivity with NFC
  • 33 ft. operating distance
  • 3.5mm line-in and AUX portb710gba_c1
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