Check out Simon Pegg’s film ‘A Fantastic Fear of Everything’!

Fantastic Fear of Everything

Basically, we support everything Simon Pegg does. He has been an action star (Mission Impossible); a comedy star who has dealt with aliens (Paul, The World’s End), a crazy town (Hot Fuzz), and zombies (Shaun of the Dead); a Scottish engineer in space (Star Trek); and now a murder mystery writer who lives in constant fear.

In Crisipian Mills’ British surreal comedy A Fantastic Fear of Everything, Pegg plays a struggling writer who has an obsession with serial killers and murders, as well as a fear in just about everything – especially a laundromat and a hedgehog. The trailer has a Wes Anderson feel to it. What are your thoughts?

This film came out in the UK this past summer and is coming to limited release in the US on February 7th, 2014.

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