Microsoft’s Xbox One reaches the 2 million units sold mark


The PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One are really neck and neck with each other in sales. The PS4 was able to sell 2.1 million units in just 18 days. Now Microsoft has announced that the Xbox One has sold over 2 million units in just 18 days. These are impressive numbers for both systems, but the PS4 is slightly leading.

According to Microsoft’s corporate VP of strategy and marketing for Xbox, Yusef Mehdi, the console is selling out at most retailers and the demand is definitely surpassing the supply.

Microsoft and Sony did better than the Nintendo Wii U launch, which sold 1.6 million units in the first two weeks in the Japanese and North American market.

Let’s see where the PS4 and Xbox One will be at once the holiday season is over, but with Walmart recently announcing their biggest PS4 shipment yet, that may help give Sony a bigger edge.

Source: Microsoft

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