How Google Glass and other augmented reality eye-wear can be incorporated into gaming

When Google Glass was first announced, my initial thoughts were quite indifferent. I didn’t see it as a huge advancement in the wearable-tech industry due to it’s limited use. With advancements in apps, and the release of Glass 2 I saw a huge opportunity in the gaming market. So what exactly can we do with these devices for an entirely new immersion experience?

HUD Relocation to the glass.

This is the obvious one. What better way to improve a gaming experience than to completely remove the mandatory HUD from all video games, leaving a clean screen, and giving you all the necessary monitoring directly on the glass? We can see our ammo, loadout, minimap, and other notifications all on the glass, keeping the screen nice and clean. This also enables spectators to have a much more immersive experience along with the player.

I would say this could also greatly improve the experience for people who love watching streamers.

Simultaneous stream monitoring from the glass.

We have experienced this ourselves, where full screen only games have issues which don’t allow for easy screen transition between twitch chat and the title in question. One such example was Dark Souls, which doesn’t have a windowed option for PC. It would be highly beneficial for streamers to monitor their channel’s chat while still gaming without interruption.

Head tracking for camera movement.

With what Glass 2 offers, we’re able to track the head’s movement in multiple directions, providing a similar experience to what the Oculus Rift does for camera adjustment. We could see this implemented in just about any third or first person title on the market.

Pulling up statistics during an encounter.


If you’ve ever been serious about an MMO, you’ve had times where analyzing a boss fight before the encounter is absolutely mandatory. Glass or similar devices can enable the player to pull up information relevant to their in-game location using voice commands or gestures.

Augmented reality.


This is the big one. Capitalizing on the Glass’s capabilities to provide images in addition to what the human eye sees has the potential to easily become the next biggest trend in gaming. Additionally, using this wouldn’t cause motion sickness (in many reported cases) like the Occulus Rift has.

Don’t get me wrong, I think the rift is a huge achievement in gaming, although it still can’t be handled for more than a couple hours at a time, and videos/streams can’t provide spectators without the device any sort of similar experience.

Glass has the potential, technology, and timing to easily take the plunge into the hardcore gaming market as “the next big thing”. (Sorry Samsung, please don’t sue)


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