On-set photos for the Patlabor live-action TV show


We have pictures for the upcoming live-action TV show, Patlabor, which is based on the anime of the same name. It will be a 12-episode show starting in April 2014 that will lead up to a movie in 2015. Director and producer Mamoru Oshii stated that the TV show will be lighthearted while the movie will have a more serious tone to it.

Here are the on-set photos from Patlabor.

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You can find more pictures from Timeless Dimension.

For those who don’t know what Patlabor is all about, below is a description via Anidb.net.

As the 20th Century was nearing its end, a new Industrial Revolution brought forth unprecedented advances in robotics. The invention of the Labor – a humanoid-type, multi-purpose construction machine – emerged as the wave of the future. Making older industrial equipment virtually obsolete, the Labor, unfortunately, also made a pretty cool terrorist weapon.

To combat the rise in Labor crimes, the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department established the “Special Vehicles, Section 2,” comprised of specially designed Patrol Labors – PATLABORS.

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