The OMEn Chronicles, a Harry Potter fan film

Omen01Harry Potter was last seen in theaters in 2011. Since then, the admiration of fans worldwide has not ceased. With the explosive spellcasting effects that ramped up since Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban (2004), it was only a matter of time before fans were able to effectively duplicate those very effects. Now, in 2013, Wren Weichman led a team of skilled talent that pays homage to JK Rowling’s beloved Wizarding universe. Based on a story by RJ Aguiar, who also portrays the villain in the skit, the fan film was shot in two days, with post-processing and effects spanning over six months.

Omen02The plot for this fan film centers around an individual who is smuggling a powerful artifact. The Aurors from OMEn are trying to sort out the deaths of several individuals, which leads them to chase after this carrier. But the Aurors are not the only party involved, as another seeks the artifact for their themselves.

Omen03I’ll be completely honest, I’m not very impressed with many fan films. Fortunately, I do have the opportunity to run into fan films that do an impressive job in leading a professional production with little-to-no budget. Then again, you honestly won’t know for sure how good a production will turn out during production itself (but sometimes you can… SHHH!).

Omen04But I digress, many fan films have their charm. One of the mystifying traits of this are the visual effects. My favorite scenes in the Harry Potter films are when any of the wizards are traveling in clouds of smoke across areas. In this film, Wren and the various individuals who helped with developing the effects, made sure their billows of smoke flowed organically and possessed a flow reminiscent of Hollywood. Also the Priori Incantatem (two spells locked into a beam due to two users’ wands sharing a similar core) moments, although not having the dripping molten metal effect in the movies, have potential to progressing to that level in the future if he’s already captured the smoke effect for these wizards.

Omen05The acting was well done and the 18-page script had a good flow to it. There were some moments where the acting felt awkward, but it is overshadowed by many greater moments between the cast. We’ve seen many Star Wars fan films with lightsaber combat, but this is becoming a contender for awesome fan film fight sequences.

Omen06Kudos to Antonio Nazareth, who Wren admits created a dedicated score for this fan film alone. It sets pacing for the film and doesn’t distract from the dialog and sequences. Ken Senzaki who did sound design did a masterful job making sure sound was clear and balanced, for me that is a plus!

I’d like to note that this can be seen at a very high resolution on YouTube. So check it out!

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