Videogame BANG! VGX Awards Recap, Wii Curious

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It’s a very special episode of the show today! Why, you ask? Because this show, Aaron Carter is pulling the strings. Now I want to prepare you a little for what you are going to hear, and lay down a few disclaimers. For starters this show will not contain an awesome opening catch phrase (I know this may upset many of our listeners). The other thing is that while we really didn’t want to ‘bash’ the VGX, we have to stay honest and give out opinions on the impressions the show left on us, and our impression for the show is that it was terrible.

If your were one of the thousands, if not millions of people watching the VGX, I’m sorry for your loss. The internet has spoken and the most-used word when describing the event seems to be “awkward”. The show featured a seemingly disinterested Joel McHale, and as always, it felt way out of touch with the hardcore gaming community.

Videogame BANG! host Aaron Carter endured watching VGX twice.. in the name of research of course. This week we discuss the hits and misses of this year’s VGA.. err.. VGX. From the lows of Cranky Kong to the sweet highs of No Mans Sky, top to bottom we try to make sense of this debacle.

After the VGX talk, we go into part two of our hands on with the Wii U, this time focusing on more hardcore gaming. Tekken, Call of Duty Black Ops 2, and Mass Effect 3 are on the menu and boy were we hungry. We evaluate the Wii U from a less ‘Nintendo’ stand point and look at the titles you might play when you aren’t having a party.

I should also mention that since my cohort Aaron is running the show, and the fact that he doesn’t know how to tell time means the show goes a tad bit long this weekend. He does finish strong with his very own outro line! This is an outro line you don’t want to miss! All this and much, much more on this weeks Videogame BANG!!!

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