Tom Clancy’s The Division shows off next-gen Snowdrop engine

Tom Clancy the Division_screen_Bridge

Ubisoft has revealed a new video showing off its next-gen engine, Snowdrop, during Spike’s VGX Awards (check out our thoughts here). New York City is the perfect setting to show off the tech, as we get to see dynamic global illumination for very cool lighting effects, procedural destruction (like shooting a car with realistic results), advanced particle system (smoke reacts dynamically to different environmental factors like light) and more.

Black Friday is an American event that makes a lot of Americans go nuts over deals. It looks like somebody isn’t a fan of that day and has decided to release a deadly virus in New York. The Division takes place three weeks after that, with everything pretty much falling into chaos. The President executes the Presidential Directive 51 plan to send out a top-secret unit called The Division. The team is able to do emergency missions without help from headquarters.

Tom Clancy the Division_screen_Accident

Players will get to visit locations such as Central Park, the subway systems, the Statue of Liberty, and more. It’s an online open-world that encourages combat, stat building, and exploration.

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