The game is afoot with SHERLOCK’s new ‘interactive’ trailer

SherlockThe clues just keep coming in BBC’s run up to SHERLOCK series 3. Last week we brought you a string of new images as well as news of a minisode and a new teaser. Today, we bring you a brand new interactive trailer, which means that Sherlockians everywhere can sleuth along, unlocking bonus content.

The trailer showcases several new scenes that shed insight on this new series, including Mycroft’s awareness of Sherlock’s elaborate ruse. However, the really neat part about this new trailer is the interactive content. By clicking on keyword hot-spots within the trailer, viewers can unlock scene segments from the upcoming series, a behind-the-scenes tidbit and many more photos.

The trailer hits upon the idea that John has moved on with his life (he’s now married) in the two years following Sherlock’s “death”, much to the confusion of Holmes. The trailer also makes note of a national threat of some importance as Mycroft warns: “The terror alert has been raised to ‘critical’”.

Could this be a hint at the spy plot in Doyle’s “His Last Bow”? Will we see Holmes take up the identity of Altamont? Is he working with Mycroft in the secret service? How long will Watson be able to keep that mustache?

Check it out and prepare for Sherlock’s return in January!

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