Bradley Cooper shows love for fellow Guardians of the Galaxy Co-Star


Rocket f***ing Raccoon bringing the heat!

When we heard that Bradley Cooper was going to voice our favorite gun-toting raccoon in Guardians of the Galaxy, a lot of us were fairly skeptic. Of course it wasn’t on the same level as Ben Affleck playing Batman, since that’s a whole other monster entirely. Anyways, most of us only saw Bradley Cooper as the good looking/pretty boy actor and wondered why him? Well after seeing several videos of him speaking with different accents and voices, it looks like Marvel made the right choice. They’re still recording Rocket Raccoon’s lines and it looks like they’re still trying to find the correct vocal tone for him. According to Collider, Bradley Cooper stated:

“The one thing we debated was, you know, he’s seen as a cockney accent sometimes. We talked about whether we would do that, or do this sort of other guy from the city. We’re in the middle of [recording].”

Bradley openly admitted that he wasn’t familiar with the character or the comic book; this is understandable since this team is just a portion of Marvel’s vast cosmic opera, which isn’t well known among the general movie going audience.  With Guardians of the Galaxy pretty much on the way, some of us did wonder how the cast felt about each other and how they would interact. With big names on the roster like Zoe Saldana and Vin Diesel, it looks like Bradley Cooper seems to favor Chris Pratt’s on screen presence.

“‘Chris Pratt just blew me away,’ Cooper said. ‘I thought he’s just like the perfect guy.'”

Chris Pratt is playing the role of Star-Lord, the leader of the GotG. If you’re reading this and don’t know who Star-Lord is, then I suggest you hit up, and look him up. He’s a pretty interesting character and I’m wondering how Chris Pratt is portraying him on the big-screen. One thing I do know is that if an A-list actor like Bradley Cooper is praising his work, then it makes me excited as to what this film is going to offer us.


Star-Lord keeping up with Rocket Raccoon’s empty clips.

I stated this before, but Marvel is taking a huge gamble in releasing a movie about a team of super powered beings that that’s not set on planet earth. Of course let’s not forget Marvel took this gamble before when they first released Thor, since it dealt with gods, monsters, and a portion of the Marvel cosmos. Personally, I believe this film will do well as it shows a completely different team dynamic as opposed to the Avengers. This “dynamic” already includes a talking tree and a badass raccoon, how could you not love it already? Guardians of the Galaxy will be released August 1, 2014.


Source: Collider | Cinema Blend

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