Thoughts on Spike’s VGX 2013 Awards

quantum break remedy

After watching the VGX, I feel just a little bit confused. A part of me wanted to really feel satisfied with that three-hour program, and another part wanted those three hours back. The event, hosted by an enthusiastic Geoff Keighley and a visibly less enthused Joel McHale, got off to an awkward start that would set the theme for the whole event. As the two hosts stumbled on each scripted line and bad joke, I kept watching it waiting for the games to come and save the day. It didn’t happen fast enough.

Then Telltale’s Tales from the Borderlands rolled in and reminded me why I’m watching the show, but soon after the quick trailer, I was right back into “awkward land” as Geoff Keighley tried his hardest to interview and Joel McHale tried his hardest to entertain. By now I settled that this is just how it’s going to be, and I just have to deal with it because I wanted to see the “exclusives.”

So Nintendo showed Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze, aka Donkey Kong Country. I’m sure it’s going to sell great and give you that DKC feeling all over again, but it wasn’t a real surprise.

Remedy brought Quantum Break and showed just a tad bit more than they did at E3, leaving me with more questions than before.

South Park gave us a glimpse into the world of The Stick of Truth by farting on enemies, cool. Looks to be a South Park fan’s wet dream.

Tim Schafer brought Broken Age, a 3 million dollar Kickstarter-funded game that will have a great story and cool voice acting, but it won’t get its mainstream recognition. Please prove me wrong; I love Schafer’s work.

Tom Clancy’s The Division showed up to the party to show every one it’s the prettiest girl so far in the next-gen era. The dynamic snow actually made me want to run out and buy a new system right then and there. Or maybe I was trying to get away from the show.

Game of Thrones was talked about. When I say talked about, I think it’s because they haven’t really worked on the game yet.

Right when the show seemed to slow down a bit (understatement), indie game developer Hellogames showed No Mans Sky, by far the most exciting looking game I’ve seen, what with its sheer possibilities. Being able to traverse different planets and space, all procedurally created and with friends, “Shut up and take my money” was the first thing that came to mind.

Dead Island 2, I mean Dying Light, was demoed, and we got to see cool stuff in that game. It’s definitely a title to pick up on release if you want to kill lots of zombies while parkouring everywhere.

Titanfall wrapped up the games, showing off new titans and more reasons why it’s going to steal the light from the Call of Duty scene…or not.

The night was filled with ups and downs. Between the games and the internet celebrity skits, it all felt like a long awkward Game Trailers episode. The Loiter Squad/GTA concert didn’t help what so ever. Oh yeah, some games won some awards too, but that even felt awkward and sprinkled in. All in all I excited for the games I saw, but saddened that I had to grind through the awkward moments. How did you feel about the VGX? Should the tradition continue?

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