Puella Magi Madoka Magica -Rebellion- Premiere Event + Review


Red Carpet Premiere Event

Nerd Reactor was fortunate to attend the Puella Magi Madoka Magica Part 3: Rebellion premiere in Hollywood this week. Anime fans from all over LA came out on a Tuesday night to attend the long awaited sequel. Guest of Honor in attendance was the President of SHAFT, Mitsutoshi Kubota and Producer Atsuhiro Iwakami. The lovely ladies of the English voice cast was also in attendance: Cristina Vee (Homura), Lauren Landa (Kyoko), Cassandra Lee (Kyuubey), Sarah Williams (Sayaka), and Christine Marie Cabanos (Madoka). Voice actor Crispin Freeman made a surprise apperance as well! We were able to get an Q&A with the the Aniplex guy EJ himself. Check it out below!

The line grew longer and longer as the premiere became packed with Madoka fans. Attendees were given a swag bag full of exclusive items such as a mini autograph board, a beauitful program guide and more! Anime Jungle was on-hand to also sell premiere exclusive merchandise.

Once inside, the show began with a personal greeting from the Guest of Honors to thank all the fans for attending. Before the movie, a special video message from the Japanese Voice cast was played especially for the Western audiences. After that, we were set to begin!

Spoiler-Free Review:

Rebellion starts off extremely strong with plenty of action and followers of the show will notice the the abundant of identical visual cues brought back from the original series. It’s happy, poppy, and most of all clean. No questions asked, this is run of the mill magical girl flair. Even the rather plain transformation sequences from the original were given a vibrant upgrade. I did think they spent a little too long re-establishing the characters we were already so familiar with.

I must commend the animation studio SHAFT for much of the unconventional designs they came up with for many of the dramatic sequences. Proving the creative touches they’ve done with the Monogatari series and Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei on a TV anime budget, Shaft knows how to set the bar in design and aesthetics . Give them a movie budget and Rebellion shines as a example of the their diversity. At times, the movie steps beyond its cute anime characteristics and transcends into a visual smorgasbord akin to Space Odyssey 2001. Easily the highlights of the movie and truly brings out the animators’ efforts are the pounding fight scenes. Moe as it may be, nothing comes close to the slugfests you will see.

With that said, make no mistake that this is a movie penned by the infamous Urobuchi Gen. A midst the various gothic textures and fabric elements are twisted revelations and endless despair. Questions will be raised and genres will be dismantled. At the end of the day, Rebellion is an eeriely satisfying and acceptable conclusion to the Madoka storyline.

Soul-crushing as it is.

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