Paul and Storm take over the world!


 Yes! The epic duo, Paul and Storm, whose catchy Nerd Anthem include parodies of geeky subjects like Star Wars and Game of Thrones, are taking on another project. Or should I say projects! No its not enough that their hit show Learning Town is going strong on Geek and Sundry, or that you can hang out with the duo on their cruiser JoCo Cruise! We can’t get enough of Paul and Storm, and they are graciously giving the audience what we want.

Right now you can support their take over but going over to their Kickstarter page and supporting the various projects they have coming up. Not only will it support Ball Pit, their upcoming album and music videos, but also their cover album Extra Balls, featuring covers by  Jonathan Coulton, The Doubleclicks, Parry Gripp, Mike Phirman, and Sara Watkins!

But here’s the sweet spot I really want them to reach! They are putting together what they call The PaulandStormonomicon with stories and illustrations provided by a host of greats including Wil Wheaton and Neil Gaiman! It’s so perfect, I can taste it! And the cherry on top? The Ice Cream and Guacamole Truck Tour!

So head on over to their Kickstarter page for all the details.

And stay tuned to Awkward Conversations as we chat with Paul and Storm coming soon!

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