4 things we want to see in X-Men: Apocalypse

Apocalypse by Clayton Crain

By David Ng

In a recent tweet, Bryan Singer hinted at the next X-Men movie being themed around Apocalypse. I, for one, am so excited to hear this.

Although I’m a fan of Apocalypse, I’m also excited about Fox’s opportunity to change up the pace of the X-Men movie franchise. I thought that the first X-Men film was great and helped establish the superhero movie trend, but the franchise quickly got stale, as all of the movies seemed to revolve around Magneto. Don’t get me wrong I love Magneto and believe he is one of the best X-Men villains, but there are so many different characters to draw from.

Now in X-Men: First Class they finally introduced the Hellfire Club but completely botched the time lines (a problem I think X-Men: Days of Future Past will undoubtedly make worse with a plot that revolves around time travel). I understand that the movies can not stick to everything from the comics (X-Men 3 has given up on understanding their full continuity), so it’s hard for me to enjoy them as an adaptation of the stories I love.

So here is a quick list of things that I hope to see in the X-Men: Apocalypse release and things I hope will hit the chopping block:

Horsemen- Simple enough right? What is Apocalypse without his four horsemen?

· Do use at least one character who we have seen before in the franchise (fingers crossed for Angel).
· Don’t spend a bunch of time turning all of them and then the X-Men needing to turn them back.


· Do include a quick 5-10 minutes intro scene at the beginning in ancient Egypt or someone telling a legend about him after he pops up.

· Don’t drag this out. His past is not that important. It all boils down to: one of the first mutants, extremely powerful, discovered alien technology, and his motto being “survival of the fittest.”


· Now I can’t say too much here without seeing how they pull off the Days of Future Past movie, but I hope they aren’t going to do another alternate future movie where the team must go back in time at the end to reset everything (*sigh* again).

· I would rather see Apocalypse trying to grab power in the present and MAYBE one time traveler coming back to help the X-Men defeat him/reveal how much of a threat he is.

· And please no time traveling to ancient Egypt to assassinate him before be grows up (it never works and is more confusing than it needs to be).


· Since an X-Force movie has already been announced, including a scene near the end about the rise of the Purifiers (a human terrorist group who targets mutants) would be a perfect response in the aftermath of Apocalypse.

· Somehow involve Mr.Sinister. Another of the big X-Men villains, Sinister’s origin has ties to Apocalypse and would open up future story lines.

· Mostly don’t be afraid to throw out some references here and there to hint at future projects or just excite the fanboys like myself when I sit in the theater (after all this is one of the best things about the extensive X-Men universe).

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