4 things we want to see at VGX


I’m sitting here, a whole day early, waiting for the VGX to show up and surprise me, but I don’t know if that’s going to happen. With all the other video game-focused events, and the plethora of websites that spew out news on video games, VGX has sort of lost its luster. With E3 on the tube, VGX has a lot of work to do to impress the“Gamer”. I mean I like the program and absolutely love the idea of video games of the past year being put on forefront of television, if only for one night, but as a gamer I would feel a little cheated if certain things were left out. Which brings me to my first “Want” out of the VGX.

Future: The VGX will showcase the top games of 2013, which are well deserved, but with the release of the Xbox One and the PS4, I want to see some “exclusive” titles for the each system that will give me a glimpse into the future of both these great consoles. On my podcast, Videogame Bang!, I feel the cast was a little underwhelmed by the launch of both systems and are salivating at the mouth for more games to satiate their gamer appetite, and what other place to show that than VGX. Especially with E3 being so far away.

Interaction: This is the age of the Internet. All of the next and current gen consoles have online functionality with countless people logging on. This is most definitely an opportunity for Spike and the VGX to interact with them. I already know that Twitter, Facebook, and other social networks will be running over time when the show is going on, but what I want to see is a little more creativity. How about for the winner for each current gen category, VGX gives out a little free DLC for that game. Or give away some prizes to viewers for voting as the show streams on their system. Or announce demos are out of new games as VGX shows them. I want to feel like I’m a part of the event, and I think the internet can help VGX.

Gameplay: I know it’s cool to see a teaser here and a teaser there, but can I get some real gameplay? Not just a couple of games, let’s blow the show out in between the categories. Have developers on stage showing me why I should buy their game next year. I’m talking to you “Dark Souls 2”. Gameplay has always been more important to me than a 20-second CG clip. So let’s bring the gameplay stuff up to an 11.

Mass Effect: This last one is a little selfish but I want it BAD! The Mass Effect series was a great meal that ended with pepto bismol being shoved down my throat. So VGX can help Mass Effect redeem itself be giving me a glimpse into where it’s going. With Shepherd done (spoilers) I feel left stranded in space. VGX, please bring Mass Effect to the light, so I can rest easy knowing I’ll be in that universe again.

I’m not a greedy man. I don’t think I’m asking too much. VGX, as gamer these are just a few things I want to see. If you can make some of these things happen within 24 hours, you will truly stand out among the rest.

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