DW 50th: Awesome video tribute to Doctor Who to A-Ha’s “Take On Me”


I’ve seen many Doctor Who 50th Anniversary tribute videos and they are all brilliant, but this video I’ve decided to show off to everyone, made me jump up and dance in celebration to Doctor Who’s 50th Anniversary.

The Flixx decided to add music to an original tribute video, that is equally beautiful, animated by Richard Swarbrick and Eva Wagner. Swarbrick and Wagner drew the Doctors beautifully and with actual quotes from the show. The original tribute is a work of art itself. So inspirational as well.

But with the animation looking similar to a favorite and popular 80s music video, The Flixx went with that idea and added music to it. Yes, they added A-Ha’s Take On Me. It got me dancing with excitement for the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary. It was just fun!

So kudos to the original video for it’s visual and The Flixx for the added fun.

Great video!


A-Ha’s Take On Me for reference


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