Can-Am Spyder December ’13 Pre-Event announcement

It's like a motorcycle that you don't have to balance.

It’s like a motorcycle that you don’t have to balance.

As people who know me well will tell you, I love new tech that’s excitingly awesome and I get stoked whenever I have the chance to take it for a test run. Well this Friday Dec. 6th, I’ve been invited to take a test run of a Can-Am Spyder, which is basically a badass-looking 3-wheeled motorcycle.

Now before anyone says “Hey! These things have been out for years!” There’s a reason why I’m being invited to this event, I just have no idea why. Is there a new model? Is someone performing an insane stunt with one involving sharks, explosions and a chicken truck? Who knows, but I’ll be giving you all the info of the event and what they showcase come Friday.

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